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May. 6th, 2008



so in the process of packing all my stuff, I found a couple of my old Gameboy games.

the best one I found was "Super Mario Bros."

I'm playing the hard version, and although I die like more than 5 times on every single level, I'm getting pretty far.


oh and does anyone wanna buy my gameboy version of the Mummy? it's pretty kick ass.

Apr. 9th, 2008


(no subject)

few quick updates:
+ I told mr. steven I like him.... and he responded like amazingly. he freaking did a handstand on webcam... fully aware that not only do I like him, but that his boxers are showing *shakes head*. Can't believe it. can't believe it at all XD

+ I got a sidekick. and it's awesome. I'd write this from it right now, but I'm waiting for steven to come back.

+metalocalypse = <3. nuff said.

+ I made another LJ account, called sincerely_marga... check it out (and add me as a friend! :D)


Mar. 24th, 2008


(no subject)

taken from [info]missmikey
1. Reply to this post, and I will pick three of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

1. Robot Love :: for_a_fantasy  made me this icon from a series of photographs out of the asian vogue. I use this icon tons because I love robots, and I think this picture is so cute :D (plus it reminds me of the BiForce song :D) 2. ANDY :: this icon cracks me up. I made it, but it is inspired by a teeshirt on thelonelyisland.com. made by Andy Samberg, it = love 3. Rain :: This is an icon made by the famous cartoonist BarfQuestion. I use this icon a lot because his animations are AMAZING (not to mention completely hand-drawn)... also, when I'm really sad I like to use this to make me feel, well, happier.... yay

Mar. 22nd, 2008


(no subject)

Dear Trevor (aka Dan Dan QFC man),

Even though I've only met you once, you have made me very happy and warm on the inside. I like seeing you everyday, even if you have no clue I see you every day. When I'm down and out like the world is collapsing inside me, it brightens my day to see you.

Now that I've met you, it seems that my day is even warmer. You and your funny humor has put me in a really good mood from an otherwise shitty day. and that, trevor, is more special than you know.

So you may not know me... you may think "wow, what a dork"... and you may never know that I'm writing this letter to you, but thank you.... because it's people like you that make my day worthwhile.


Mar. 19th, 2008



My week's been pretty okay.

+I got my braces off :D so now I like smiling...
+my pies are now famous around the school... which is awesome :D
+I don't have to write a book for the paper! I'm only doing one article this issue :D less stress thank god
+LOST IS ON TOMORROW (whooooo! here's to hopin' d. faraday is on there)
+Watching O Brother, Where Art Thou? and it's music makes me wanna watch it again.
+omg. my new sunglasses are amazing. they really are.
+I'm thrift-shoppin' on saturday and going to the Punk Flea Market. which sounds funner than a bag o' hammers.

and that cowns (again coen bro's owned!)


Mar. 14th, 2008


It's official.

I'm obsessed with lost.

In a maybe-its-good-but-slightly-creepy sort of way.

Mar. 10th, 2008



so. like I feel like updating a bit.

first and formost, I've been getting more into some folk music lately. like I've listened to Rabbit Fur Coat (Jenny Lewis And The Watson Twins CD) like a bunch of times and it's really great. The Shins have come back into my life as well as old Death Cab and Band Of Horses. But don't get me wrong.... I'm still listening to Aphex Twin (damn Fingerbib gets stuck in my head so much) and 8-bit techno :D.

my job at the movie theater is painful but still kind of fun. for example: I have made friends, and I'm finally getting what I have to do there now.... so that's amazing. Plus since redmond town center theater closed, we have gotten all the great movies... and we're probably gonna get some big ones too (like Iron Man and Indiana Jones) which excites me.

i've figured out that I'm like in love with Daniel Faraday on LOST. he's just so cute :D hehehe... but for reals, like his character has risen a bunch of questions (like why does he have no memory.... and what the heck is up with the crying about 815 thing on the first flashback?!). the episode with desmond and him is like my FAVORITE episode....... and I'm really enjoying the fourth season right now.

Journalism is stressful only because I'm still not used to my new group. which really sucks. I want to get used to it, but I'm just so nervous!

hmm... but other than that I'm having a blast. I really want coffee right now though... gwah.

Mar. 7th, 2008


(no subject)

Dear Graham,
we're going to see fighter x as soon as you get back.
tell your friends to come too.
love, alex.

ps. hope your having fun in Japan. maybe wanna bring me back something :D! Just kiddin'

Mar. 5th, 2008


(no subject)

so i'm pretty okay.
here are 10 good things that happened to me today:

1. I finished my science in class yesterday, so when I was like "damn... I don't want to do science" I didn't have to! HOORAY FOR SMARTNESS!

2. I started reading F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" today and was surprised to actually enjoy reading the first 10 pages.


4. The story that I'm writing right now is actually really easy and is going by really fast. For once, I don't have writers block.

5. yeah, I'm a nerd and came back to school for a band concert, but at least I had fun hanging out with the 6th graders, and I fell asleep in the corner... which is always good :D.

6. my kitchen and bathroom are clean... which is amazing counting the fact that it only took like 10 minutes.

7. My decision to take US Cit over the summer is becoming better and better.... and so I'm actually excited to get a free period at school! YAY!

8. I got a lot of compliments on my outfit today... which made me feel good since I was really down all day.

9. in response to my slight depression, my goth friend gave me a hug. hehe. it was funny.

10. I watched the Darjeeling Limited for the 5th time and found out my dad had all the songs by the Kinks from the movie on his computer.... so I downloaded them onto my laptop and is now very content :D

hooray. Again, hopefully tomorrow is better, but for now I guess I'll live.

and I REALLY want Ice Cream.... maybe I can convince my mom to drive me to get some. like a mcflurry.

Mar. 2nd, 2008


(no subject)

I guess I should say "yesterday" ended with a little bit of depression (have no idea why), so here are 10 things good that happened "yesterday":

1. I go to work and get there early, so my mom and I got starbucks. and it tasted so damn good :D

2. I found out that we not only got Semi-Pro this weekend, but due to the fact that the RTC theater shut down, we also got Jumper, There Will Be Blood, and The Other Bolyne Girl (the other movies are: Definitely, Maybe, Step Up 2: The Streets, Be Kind Rewind, Juno, No Country For Old Men, Vantage Point, and The Spiderwick Chronicles.)

3. I climbed into Tyler's lesbian car, and it "grabbed my ass". which was actually quite hilarious.

4. Not only that, but Tyler bought me a mondo spinich burrito at the Taco Del Mar. and it tasted so damn good :D

5. my friend Noelle (who's a guy) said, upon seeing Kelsey leave, "You're leaving me?! No!" and then turned to me and said "Oh no! You're leaving me too in a few hours! My life is a lie!"

6. I keep on remembering that I get to see fighter x with Carlston on Friday.... which kicks ass because he's really hot. Plus carlston said she's probably gonna sleep over only cos she doesn't want to drive all the way back to Tacoma. i don't blame her... I'd be freaking exhausted.

7. I got to wear one of my new pairs of shoes to work tonight... the ones with happy clouds and caterpillers and raindrops and stars and ladybugs. everytime I looked at my feet I squealed!

8. Danniel was actually being sweet to me... which was a huge surprise. he actually has become my friend.....

9. I tried on Dart's glasses and went temporarily blind.... which was kind of funny because he's so blind his glasses make his eyesight better while it makes mine like 100 times worse. I'll stick to my kick ass glasses of love :D

10. Me and carlston chilled upstairs during the 10:30 show because we were really tired, and it was nice to get away for a while. we had a really good chat, (and in addition to eating thin mint girl scout cookies) we had fun chats with the cast about work crazies (the creepy people that disturb your worklife) and it was awesome.

so yeah, "yesterday" wasn't so bad... but it still kinda sucked in between.

going to bed... waking up in 8 hours and need sleep. night.

(ps: I love Jenny Lewis And The Watson Twins version of "handle me with care"

"I'm so tired of being lonely
I still have some love to give
Won't you show me that you really care!" -- Ben Gibbard :D)

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